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Advancing the Future with Off-Grid Energy Solutions

Advancing the Future with Off-Grid Energy Solutions
Solus Power is leading the way in revolutionizing the energy sector through the development of off-grid mobile DC-to-DC rapid charging and energy storage technologies. This innovative approach allows for high-power charging solutions that operate independently off traditional grid infra-structure, presenting significant opportunities across a range of sectors, including Defence and Security.
Reliable Performance
Our off-grid systems ensure reliable performance, delivering uninterrupted power supply to support all operations.
By reducing dependence on conventional power sources, our solutions can provide a substantial decrease in carbon emissions and improved energy efficiency.
Enhanced Flexibility
Our off-the-grid rapid charging and energy storage units facilitate charging in a variety of locations, eliminating the dependence on fixed infrastructure and providing convenience.
Rapid Deployment
Designed for swift setup, our systems minimise capital investment and infrastructure changes, enabling quick adaptation to sustainable energy solutions for businesses and communities.
Grid Relief and Energy Storage
By leveraging off-peak energy and incorporating energy storage, our solutions mitigate grid strain, enhance energy efficiency, and provide energy resilience in civilian settings.
Our technology promotes the use of renewable energy sources, reducing reliance on conventional power grids and advancing civilian sectors towards a net-zero future.
Driving Sustainability and Electrification
Solus Power is committed to driving significant advancements in sustainability and the electrification of Defence and Security and commercial industries through creative solutions. Solus Power isn't just offering a product, but represents a fundamental change in power distribution and use, placing a strong emphasis on addressing the unique requirements of the Defence and Security sectors. Through the mobilisation of the grid, Solus Power is at the forefront of bringing about a more flexible, sustainable, and robust energy future, positioning itself as a critical ally in national and global security efforts.
Unleash the Power of Kratos in Any Environment
Discover Kratos, an off-the-grid modular rapid charging and energy storage system designed for exceptional resilience and adaptability in demanding environments, from rugged terrains to dynamic commercial settings. This seamlessly integrated system offers scalable energy solutions that can be adjusted to meet the specific requirements of diverse sectors such as Commercial or Defence and Security, ensuring unparalleled reliability and the freedom to operate efficiently under any conditions.
Introducing the Titan for Tomorrow's Mobility and Defence
Solus Power's Titan is a groundbreaking off-grid EV charging and energy storage system with unmatched versatility for commercial, Defence and Security use. It meets the growing demand for reliable EV charging infrastructure in airport car parking, car hire, and rental services, improving operational efficiency and user experience. Titan's portability, rapid deployment capabilities, and potential for mobile operations make it invaluable for Defence and Security and disaster response environments. Its state-of-the-art technology and alignment with national energy policies position Titan to revolutionize energy solutions across all sectors.
Solus Power
Electric vehicle charging specialist Solus Power and QinetiQ collaborate to find solutions for an electrified battlespace
24 Jan 2024
3 min read
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Rapid, Versatile Energy for Every Field
In the commercial sector, our products empower businesses with reliable, off-the-grid rapid charging and energy solutions that can support a wide range of activities, from rapidly charging EV vehicles and powering remote work sites to emergency backup systems and supporting sustainable energy initiatives. The rapid deployment and scalability of our technology ensure that commercial and Defence and Security sectors can enhance their operational efficiency and resilience without the usual constraints of traditional energy sources.
Rapid Deployment
Our off-the-grid rapid charging and energy storage units are designed for quick deployment, ensuring that Defence and Security forces remain agile and responsive, which is crucial for maintaining operational tempo in dynamic environments.
Durability and Ruggedness
Constructed to withstand harsh conditions typical of military operations, our products provide reliability in the field, where equipment failure can compromise critical missions.
High-Power, Rapid Charging
Featuring DC-to-DC rapid charging technology, our solutions offer swift, high-power charging for essential military equipment, from communication devices to electric vehicles, significantly reducing downtime.
Energy Independence
Leveraging off-grid capabilities, our technology diminishes dependence on vulnerable conventional fuel supply lines, thus enhancing the operational scope and sustainability of military forces in remote, conflict-prone regions, disaster emergency zones, or mobile research and development units.