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Unlocking the Power of Solus: Market Potential, Growth Trajectory, and Innovation
Discover the significant market potential and promising growth trajectory of Solus Power.

With a strong commitment to innovation and sustainability, as well as strategic partnerships with major enterprises, we stand at the forefront of off-grid smart charging and energy storage solutions.

We welcome you to join us in our endeavour to shape a more sustainable future for generations to come.
Market Potential
Solus Power provides advanced off-grid intelligent rapid charging and energy storage solutions for Defence and Security, as well as civilian applications, utilising cutting-edge technology and innovative engineering to meet the diverse energy needs of a wide range of industries and environments.
Commitment to Innovation
Solus Power exemplifies a dedicated commitment to continual innovation and sustainable energy solutions through its strategic partnerships with not only Defence and Security but also commercial enterprises.
Empowering the future with sustainable energy solutions for a better tomorrow.
Solus Power's mobile rapid charging and energy storage solutions are vital in civilian and Defence sectors, ensuring operational continuity and strategic independence when traditional power is unreliable. They enable renewable energy use, support disaster relief, and encourage electric vehicle adoption, fostering economic growth. In Defence, they are essential for powering equipment in remote areas, enhancing force mobility, and securing energy supply against threats. This highlights the critical need for advancing such technologies for broad applications.
Solus Power
Electric vehicle charging specialist Solus Power and QinetiQ collaborate to find solutions for an electrified battlespace
24 Jan 2024
3 min read
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To access the Data Room, please ensure that you have been provided with the appropriate login credentials by Solus Power. Upon receiving the credentials, kindly visit our website and navigate to the Data Room tab. Enter your login details to gain access to the data.

The Data Room facilitates access to an extensive array of data pertaining to the company and its investments, encompassing technical specifications, company performance, and other relevant metrics.

We are committed to maintaining the data in the Data Room with regular updates, ensuring that you have access to the most current and accurate information.

Regrettably, the sensitivity of the documents in the data room prohibits downloading. Should you require a copy of any document, please send an email to, and we shall assist you accordingly.

The information housed within the Data Room may include confidential and proprietary data. Access to the Data Room implies your agreement to maintain the confidentiality of the data and to utilise it exclusively for its intended purpose.

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