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Unleash the Power of Kratos in any Environment
Discover the robust resilience and adaptability of Kratos, an off-the-grid modular rapid charging and energy storage system engineered to excel in the most demanding environments. Whether navigating rugged terrains or optimizing operations in dynamic commercial settings, Kratos delivers unparalleled reliability.

Our modular system offers the flexibility to scale up or down, based on energy requirements. Seamlessly integrated, Kratos ensures consistent performance tailored to the specific needs of diverse sectors such as Commercial or Defence and Security applications. Kratos is designed to be placed under a car or stacked, providing users with the ability to adjust to energy demands. This modular design elevates usability and adaptability.

Unlock the freedom to charge, operate, and thrive without limitations with Kratos – the off-the-grid modular powerhouse. Embrace a future of unparalleled reliability and efficiency with Kratos, tailored precisely to your needs.
Powerful and Versatile Energy Solutions for any Environment
The Kratos solution offers a range of key benefits, including its deployability, efficiency, and ability to operate in various environments. With its advanced technology and innovative modular design, Kratos provides a reliable and sustainable energy solution for a wide range of applications.
Ease and Portability
The modular and compact design of Kratos allows for stacking or sliding under the car, providing a smooth and effortless user experience.
Fast Charging and Flexible Energy Solutions
Kratos, with its charging and energy storage features, guarantees a dependable and efficient power source adaptable to varying energy requirements in any setting.
Durable and Reliable Energy Solution for Any Situation
Kratos is engineered to endure tough environments and deliver consistent energy solutions across a broad spectrum of scenarios.
Defence and Security: Powering the Future with Advanced Energy Solutions
In an era dominated by technologically advanced warfare, the necessity for a reliable and consistent energy supply cannot be overstated. Solus Power excels in delivering innovative energy solutions specifically designed to meet the growing demands of the Defence and Security sector. Our flagship product, Kratos, provides a continuous and dependable energy source that is crucial for modern military operations. Distinguished by its exceptional portability and flexibility, Kratos is ideal for rapid deployment in areas without established power infrastructure, enhancing operational readiness. It significantly reduces the logistical footprint by minimizing dependence on the traditional fuel supply chain, which is prone to disruptions and requires extensive maintenance. Kratos is engineered to perform reliably across a wide range of environmental conditions, from extreme temperatures to adverse weather, ensuring it outperforms other energy sources. Its design supports the integration of renewable energy, increasing both operational versatility and sustainability.
Surveillance and Cybersecurity Operations
Kratos can power advanced surveillance systems, drones, and intelligence-gathering equipment in isolated areas without needing local power sources. In cybersecurity field operations, Kratos can keep mobile cyber defense units operational, powering computer systems, servers, and communication networks essential for protecting critical data and infrastructure.
Rapid Deployment Units
Ideal for units that need to quickly set up and relocate, Kratos offers easy transportability and deployment, providing essential power in areas lacking existing infrastructure. This enables faster response times during military engagements or crises, allowing for increased flexibility and adaptability in rapidly changing environments.
Disaster Response and Humanitarian Missions
In disaster-stricken or war-torn areas where infrastructure is compromised, Kratos, with its reliable and sustainable power supply, can be deployed to power essential medical units, refugee camps, and coordination centers, ensuring that life-saving support is consistently available without any interruption.
Electric Vehicle Charging
Kratos can serve as a crucial asset for charging electric vehicles used in military operations. Its portability and rapid charging capabilities ensure that EVs can be quickly and efficiently recharged in the field, extending their range and operational readiness without dependency on fixed charging infrastructure.
Commercial Sectors: Rapid EV Charging and Energy Storage Solutions
As the electric vehicle (EV) industry advances, Kratos positions itself as a key innovator, providing swift charging solutions that ease the process of EV charging and fleet management across various settings. Kratos offers an off-grid, modular rapid charging system on a subscription basis, alleviating range anxiety for EV owners and users. Through the Solus app, users can request a charge, and a Solus Partner will deploy the Kratos unit for a hassle-free charging session without the need for the owner's presence, benefiting fleet management and emergency services.

Kratos stands out in the commercial energy field, combining reliability, flexibility and quick deployment to suit the changing needs of businesses. Its off-grid feature is ideal for powering remote operations in mining, agriculture, and construction, ensuring functionality without grid reliance. Kratos also serves as a dependable backup power source and supports remote telecommunications infrastructure, ensuring uninterrupted communication.
EV charging infrastructure and fleet management
Our off-grid modular rapid charging and energy storage system offers a state-of-the-art solution that effectively reduces dependence on fixed infrastructure. Our innovative system not only alleviates range anxiety, but also provides unmatched convenience through a flexible and accessible subscription-based model, making it an optimal choice for individuals seeking a seamless and efficient energy solution.
Emergency Services
Ensuring reliable power during emergencies is crucial to support response efforts, maintain communication networks, and guarantee uninterrupted essential services. Delivering backup power is imperative for hospitals, especially in rural areas. We provide power solutions for cell towers, communication hubs, and data centers in remote locations.
Hospitality and Event Management
Providing energy solutions for temporary events, including festivals, sports events, and concerts, especially in remote locations with limited access to grid power. Kratos also provides solutions for hotels and resorts, particularly those located off-grid or in areas susceptible to power instability, to ensure continuous operations and uninterrupted guest experiences.
Kratos revolutionizes construction power, especially in areas lacking infrastructure. Its modular design ensures easy transport and quick setup, providing immediate energy without grid connections. This cost-effective solution keeps projects on track and reduces the need for expensive grid extensions. As a cleaner alternative to diesel generators, Kratos helps sites lower environmental impact and meet regulatory standards, making it an essential, reliable, and sustainable power source for the construction industry.
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What is Kratos?

Kratos is an off-the-grid modular rapid charging and energy storage system, designed for exceptional performance in challenging environments and dynamic commercial settings. It offers scalable energy solutions, adapts seamlessly to specific sector requirements, and provides robust reliability for both commercial, Defence and Security applications.

Kratos operates as a modular, off-the-grid rapid charging and energy storage system, offering the flexibility to expand or reduce capacity according to specific energy needs. It can be effortlessly integrated and configured for various applications, ensuring reliable performance.

Kratos offers substantial benefits as a robust, off-the-grid modular rapid charging and energy storage system designed for versatility and resilience in demanding environments. It guarantees reliable and scalable energy solutions, enabling rapid deployment without the need for grid connections, extensive capital investment or planning permissions, making it ideal for both commercial, Defence and Security sectors.

Yes, Kratos can be customized to meet specific energy requirements and operational needs. Our team works closely with clients to design tailored solutions that align with their unique goals and challenges.

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