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Unleashing Potential: Rapid, Versatile Energy for Every Field
Our Technology: Versatile Applications in Civilian, Commercial, Defence and Security Sectors. Solus Power is at the cutting edge of delivering versatile energy solutions that cater to a broad spectrum of needs. Our pioneering technology, which combines rapid charging with robust energy storage, is designed for quick deployment within weeks, eliminating the need for significant capital investment or the challenges of grid connectivity. This makes our solutions an ideal fit for diverse environments, ranging from remote commercial operations to high-demand military applications.

In the commercial sector, our products empower businesses with reliable, off-the-grid rapid charging and energy solutions that can support a wide range of activities, from rapidly charging EV vehicles and powering remote work sites to emergency backup systems and supporting sustainable energy initiatives. The rapid deployment and scalability of our technology ensures that commercial, Defence and Security sectors can enhance their operational efficiency and resilience without the usual constraints of traditional energy sources.
Enhanced Flexibility
Our off-the-grid rapid charging and energy storage units facilitate charging in a variety of locations, eliminating the dependence on fixed infrastructure and providing convenience.
Rapid Deployment
Designed for swift setup, our systems minimise capital investment and infrastructure changes, enabling quick adaptation to sustainable energy solutions for businesses and communities.
Grid Relief and Energy Storage
By leveraging off-peak energy and incorporating energy storage, our solutions mitigate grid strain, enhance energy efficiency, and provide energy resilience in civilian settings.
Our technology promotes the use of renewable energy sources, reducing reliance on conventional power grids and advancing civilian sectors towards a net-zero future.
Powering the Mission: Swift, Adaptable Energy Where It Matters Most
For Defence and Security applications, the adaptability and rapid deployment capabilities of our technology are critical. Our solutions provide reliable energy access in the most challenging and remote environments, essential for missions that require mobility, security, and sustainability. The 2-in-1 feature of rapid charging and energy storage ensures that Defence and Security operations can maintain high levels of readiness and autonomy, without the logistical burdens of conventional energy supply chains or the infrastructural demands of grid connectivity.

Solus Power is not just offering products but delivering comprehensive energy solutions that promote independence, efficiency, and sustainability across a wide array of critical applications.
Rapid Deployment
Our off-the-grid rapid charging and energy storage units are designed for quick deployment, ensuring that Defence and Security forces remain agile and responsive, which is crucial for maintaining operational tempo in dynamic environments.
Durability and Ruggedness
Constructed to withstand harsh conditions typical of military operations, our products provide reliability in the field, where equipment failure can compromise critical missions.
High-Power, Rapid Charging
Featuring DC-to-DC rapid charging technology, our solutions offer swift, high-power charging for essential military equipment, from communication devices to electric vehicles, significantly reducing downtime.
Energy Independence
Leveraging off-grid capabilities, our technology diminishes dependence on vulnerable conventional fuel supply lines, thus enhancing the operational scope and sustainability of military forces in remote, conflict-prone regions, disaster emergency zones, or mobile research and development units.
Unleash the Power of Kratos in Any Environment
Discover the resilience and versatility of Kratos, the state-of-the-art modular energy storage and rapid charging system designed to thrive in the most demanding conditions. Whether braving the extremes of rugged terrains or streamlining efficiency in bustling commercial settings, Kratos delivers unparalleled reliability. Our innovative subscription service transforms the way businesses offer charging solutions. For military operations where dependability is non-negotiable, Kratos stands as the cornerstone of energy supply, ensuring that power is always within reach, irrespective of the mission's location or complexity. Experience the freedom to charge, operate, and excel without boundaries with Kratos – the off-the-grid powerhouse.
Introducing the Titan Supercharging Tomorrow's Mobility and Defence
Solus Power's Titan represents a groundbreaking advancement in the energy sector, introducing an off-grid, rapid EV charging and energy storage system with unparalleled versatility for commercial and military applications. In the commercial sphere, Titan meets the surging demand for dependable EV infrastructure, benefiting airport car parking, car hire, and rental services by enhancing operational efficiency. Its integration into airport parking facilities significantly improves the user experience, providing accessible and rapid charging solutions to support the global shift toward sustainable energy. On the military front, Titan's portability, rapid deployment capabilities, and potential for mobile operations, disaster response, and energy resilience are invaluable in challenging environments. With state-of-the-art technology and alignment with national energy policies, Titan is positioned to revolutionize energy solutions across diverse sectors, ushering in a new era of energy innovation.
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Our company utilises mobile off-grid smart rapid charging and energy storage solutions to provide sophisticated and sustainable charging and energy alternatives for Defence and Security, as well as Commercial sectors in the UK and globally. Our system alleviates strain on the current grid and can be implemented within weeks without the need for substantial capital investment.

Our mobile off-grid solutions offer enhanced mobility, providing flexibility and adaptability across various locations by relieving strain on current grid infrastructure. With rapid deployment capabilities, our solutions promptly meet the demand for charging infrastructure. Additionally, our approach prioritises cost-efficiency, reducing the requirement for significant capital investment and delivering cost-effective energy solutions for the Defence, Security and Commercial sectors.

Yes, our technology is highly scalable and can be customized to meet the specific charging and energy needs of different sectors.

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