The Future of Smart, Rapid EV Charging and Energy Storage
Introducing the Titan Supercharging Tomorrow's Mobility and Defence
Solus Power's Titan represents a groundbreaking advancement in the energy sector, introducing an off-grid, rapid EV charging and energy storage system with unparalleled versatility for commercial and military applications. In the commercial sphere, Titan meets the surging demand for dependable EV charging infrastructure, benefiting airport car parking, car hire, and rental services by enhancing operational efficiency. Its integration into airport parking facilities significantly improves the user experience, providing accessible and rapid charging solutions to support the global shift toward sustainable energy. On the Defence and Security front, Titan's portability, rapid deployment capabilities, and potential for mobile operations, disaster response, and energy resilience are invaluable in challenging environments. With state-of-the-art technology and alignment with national energy policies, Titan is positioned to revolutionize energy solutions across diverse sectors, ushering in a new era of energy innovation.
Versatile Rapid EV charging and Energy Solution
The Titan solution offers a range of key benefits, including its deployability, efficiency, and ability to operate in various environments. With its advanced technology and innovative design, Titan provides a reliable and sustainable energy solution for a wide range of applications.
Commercial Efficiency and Sustainability
Titan caters to the growing demand for reliable EV charging infrastructure in the commercial sector, notably enhancing efficiency in airport parking, car hire, and rental services. Its deployment in such environments not only streamlines operations but also supports the UK's transition towards sustainable energy by providing fast and accessible charging solutions.
Cost-effective and Rapid Implementation
Titan's design allows for quick deployment without the need for planning permission, extensive grid upgrades, or significant capital investments. This reduces downtime and enhances operational efficiency, especially in sectors like car rentals where time is critical, thereby decreasing the operational bottlenecks and increasing vehicle turnover rates.
Defence and Security Flexibility
In the Defence and Security realm, Titan offers exceptional benefits due to its portability and rapid deployment capabilities. Ideal for mobile operations and disaster response, Titan ensures energy resilience and continuous power supply in challenging and remote environments, supporting critical military activities without the need for extensive infrastructure.
Future-Ready Energy Solutions for Defence and Security Challenges
Titan stands out as an exemplary energy solution for Defence and Security scenarios due to its robust design and operational flexibility. Engineered to meet the rigorous demands of military and security operations, Titan provides rapid, reliable, and scalable energy in any environment, whether in remote battlefields or in emergency response settings. Its off-grid capabilities allow it to function independently of traditional power infrastructure, making it indispensable for operations in areas where energy access is otherwise limited or non-existent. Additionally, Titan’s portability and ease of deployment enable quick setup and repositioning, crucial for maintaining continuity and efficiency in dynamic and unpredictable situations. With Titan, Defence and Security forces gain a strategic advantage, enhancing their operational readiness and resilience, while also supporting the shift towards more sustainable energy use in field operations. Moreover, Titan's capability for military rapid EV charging is a critical asset, ensuring that electric vehicles used in field operations can be quickly and efficiently powered, maintaining the pace and effectiveness of modern military engagements.
Surveillance and Cybersecurity Operations
Titan can power advanced surveillance systems, drones, and intelligence-gathering equipment in isolated areas without needing local power sources. In cybersecurity field operations, Titan can keep mobile cyber defense units operational, powering computer systems, servers, and communication networks essential for protecting critical data and infrastructure.
Rapid Deployment Units
Ideal for units that need to quickly set up and relocate, Titan offers easy transportability and deployment, providing essential power in areas lacking existing infrastructure. This enables faster response times during military engagements or crises, allowing for increased flexibility and adaptability in rapidly changing situations.
Disaster Response and Humanitarian Missions
In disaster-stricken or war-torn areas where infrastructure is compromised, Titan, with its reliable and sustainable power supply, can be deployed to power essential medical units, refugee camps, and coordination centers, ensuring that life-saving support is consistently available without any interruption.
Electric Vehicle Charging
Kratos can serve as a crucial asset for charging electric vehicles used in military operations. Its rapid charging capabilities ensure that EVs can be quickly and efficiently recharged in the field, extending their range and operational readiness without dependency on fixed charging infrastructure.
Dynamic Charging for Commercial Enterprises: Fast, Mobile Power Solutions
Titan presents a revolutionary solution to the EV charging infrastructure with its cutting-edge mobile rapid charging capabilities. These units deliver charging speeds comparable to those of stationary, grid-connected chargers. This innovative approach ensures swift and efficient charging for EVs, leading to a notable reduction in downtime and an improved user experience, particularly in high-demand locations such as airport car parks, car hire companies, and car park operators.

In addition to these applications, Titan’s rapid EV charging and energy storage capabilities can also be applied to various other commercial sectors, for example, it can provide support for temporary event venues that require mobile charging solutions, logistic centers seeking to maintain efficient delivery fleets, and urban developments struggling with infrastructure constraints that limit the installation of permanent charging stations. Furthermore, Titan can be utilized in retail complexes to offer convenient charging options for shoppers, thereby enhancing customer experiences and supporting businesses that seek to attract environmentally conscious consumers.
EV charging infrastructure and fleet management
Our off-grid rapid charging and energy storage system presents a state-of-the-art solution that significantly reduces reliance on fixed infrastructure. This innovative system not only alleviates range anxiety but also delivers unmatched convenience, making it an optimal choice for car hire services, car operators, airport car parks, and fleet management. It offers a seamless and efficient energy solution that enhances operational efficiency and customer satisfaction in high-demand commercial environments, ensuring fleets are powered effectively and reliably.
Emergency Services
Ensuring reliable power during emergencies is essential to support response efforts, maintain communication networks, and ensure continuous operation of vital services. Providing backup power is particularly critical for hospitals, especially those in rural areas. Titan offers robust power solutions for cell towers, communication hubs, and data centers in remote locations, guaranteeing that these crucial infrastructures remain operational when they are needed most.
Hospitality and Event Management
Titan offers energy solutions for temporary events such as festivals, sports events, and concerts, particularly in remote locations where access to grid power is limited. Additionally, Titan provides a reliable power solution for hotels and resorts, especially those situated off-grid or in areas prone to power instability, ensuring their operations continue smoothly and guest experiences remain uninterrupted.
Titan revolutionizes construction power, particularly in areas without established infrastructure. Its design ensures easy transportation and rapid setup, providing immediate energy access without the need for grid connections. This cost-effective solution keeps projects on schedule and minimizes the necessity for expensive grid extensions. As a cleaner alternative to diesel generators, Titan helps construction sites reduce their environmental impact and comply with regulatory standards, making it an indispensable, reliable, and sustainable power source for the construction industry.
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What is Titan?

Titan from Solus Power is a cutting-edge, off-grid rapid EV charging and energy storage system designed for exceptional versatility in both commercial, Defence and Security applications. It meets the growing demand for reliable EV infrastructure, enhancing efficiency in settings like airport car parks and car hire services, while its portable and rapid deployment capabilities provide crucial energy support in remote Defence and Security operations and disaster response scenarios.

Titan is an off-grid, rapid EV charging and energy storage system, providing versatile and reliable energy solutions. Its portability and independence from traditional power infrastructures allow it to deliver fast and efficient charging wherever needed, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and supporting the UK’s transition to sustainable energy practices.

Titan offers a revolutionary off-grid, rapid EV charging and energy storage system that enhances operational efficiency in commercial settings like airport car parks and car hire services while supporting the global transition to sustainable energy. For Defence and Security, Titan provides a strategic advantage with its portability, rapid deployment, and ability to function in remote or challenging environments, ensuring continuous and reliable energy supply crucial for modern military operations and disaster response scenarios.

Yes, Titan can be customized to meet specific energy requirements and operational needs. Our team works closely with clients to design tailored solutions that align with their unique goals and challenges.

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